"Kopiaste. Welcome to our Tochni Tavern. Traditional Cypriot food and beverages. Tasty meals and excellent wines."

To enjoy authentic, traditional Cypriot cooking, a visit to our tavern is a must.

Our chef is spoiling the guest with authentic dishes from the traditional cuisine of Cyprus.

Discover at Tochni Tavern Cyprus the best Cypriot recipes from trusted sources. The Cypriot kitchen is rich und has a huge diversity. The unique location of the island at the intersection of three continents enriched the prescriptions, spices and the cook art of Cyprus strongly. The kitchen of Cyprus is influenced, among other than Greek, by Italian, Lebanese and Turkish food.

The national speciality is "Meze", a culinary cross section, which exists of up to 20 different dishes. It starts with salad and dips, grill, side dishes and dessert.
As specialities are considered also the Kebabs (pieces of lamb or other meat skewered and roasted over charcoal fire), the Stifado (a stew of beef or hare cooked with wine, vinegar, onion and spices), Koubebia (vine leaves stuffed with minced meat and rice) and Tava (a tasty stew of meat, herbs and onions).
Also the vegetarians will find a variety of specialities to taste from, like Fassoulaki (green beans), Fassouli Yachni (white beans with tomato), and spinach pie and not to forget the traditional goat cheese Halloumi, which is still produced in villages nearby in the old traditional way.

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